Saturday, 1 October 2016

The Coconut Oil Test

Hello! As you can tell from the lack of postings lately, this is by no means an eveyday blog. Or even an every-week or every-month blog. I just post when I feel like it.

I have long hair. It hits about my waist. But it was longer - down to my butt at one point! I got it cut about six months ago, tidying up all the split ends and rough ends. In those six months it has grow about an inch. I don't use heat (blowdryers, straighteners, curlers) or styling products, and the last thing I'd ever do to my hair is tease it. But I am quite disappointed with how little my hair has bounced back.

People all over the internet are singing the song of coconut oil. Claims of detoxing, moisturising, sanitising, as if this miracle oil can do anything. I sincerely hope so. The doctors and pharmacists probably don't.

One thing (actually, two) caught my eye: 1. Coconut oil can grow you hair faster, thicker, longer, healthier; and 2. Coconut oil can get rid of acne (I have horrific acne, made worse in appearance by the deep scars that it has left). I am pretty keen to try both of these out. But for now, I'll stick with hair.

The routine will work like this: without formally setting aside extra time to wash my hair more often (because this definitely won't help), I will massage a teaspoon of coconut oil through my hair about fifteen minutes before I wash it. Now, I wash my hair roughly every three days. I use conditioner every time. Nothing else will change. Just the massage beforehand.

If this works, I'll start including an overnight hair mask once a week.

I will post a picture each week. For now, here is a current picture. Excuse the rubbish quality. It's on my phone, and my brother is by no means a photographer.

As you can probably see, my hair is greasy at the moment. So if you'll excuse me, I am about to start my treatment. Hopefully his will give a more definitive answer for people curious about coconut oil.

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