Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Why can I imagine things with the wrong depth perception with my eyes closed, and what is this called?

Sometimes when I close my eyes, I get images. It's nothing fancy, normally a small table or similar, and often a person, who tends to be my dad. I can voluntarily cause this to happen, but occasionally it will happen without my input.

I've searched Google, which returns "closed-eye hallucinations", but this is not it. It isn't vivid, but rather, quite dim. The control factor is that something is wrong with the depth-perception in it. When I was a child, I'd even see something weird happen to the depth perception of real objects with my eyes open, though this was rare.

It's not Alice in Wonderland syndrome either, as the things weren't growing and shrinking. Rather, the depth perception wasn't there, or was wrong, like a normally small object was huge because it was supposed to be far away, but didn't look like it was. Or my dad was really tiny and close to me, and sort of floating, because I was "seeing" him as if he was far away, but without the depth.

I also have anxiety. In the past few years, this phenomenon has triggered anxiety attacks for me. Could this be related, or is it just the anxiety reacting to my brain's weirdness?

I really hope this makes sense to someone. I feel like the only people who will understand what I'm talking about will be the people who have experienced it as well.

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