Saturday, 18 January 2014

Why watch a movie... when you can READ?!

I'm that person who would rather read the book than watch the movie. I feel the emotions stronger. I get attached to the characters better. I even (sometimes) end up finding myself (almost) falling in love with the main guy in the story (depending on what genre the book is), but it never happens when I watch a movie. I guess it's probably bad feeling that way towards a fictional character (especially when considering my current circumstances)...

I enjoy gardening. In fact, I prefer plants to animals. Animals annoy me. The constantly need feeding and they don't shut up when they want something. Plants are quiet, shady and without them, we would not be here.

I prefer knitting and making things to buying them. If I see something in the shop, say a cushion or blanket, I immediately start thinking of how I could change it slightly to something I would like even better. Home decorating shops inspire me. I walk in and everywhere I look, I see something that I think I could make, but with a slight twist. I could spend an entire day just window shopping.

I love absolutely everything to do with music. It is so beautiful and every time I listen to it, I could just sink into the song and live there among the harmonies and the different levels of instruments and pitch. I believe music is one of the most powerful sources of life and death. It has potential to bring people up, and to also knock them down. It is intensely astounding.

I prefer being outside to inside. However, I generally hate playing sport. Okay, so I enjoy playing volleyball or soccer, maybe even basketball, with my friends, but I don't enjoy playing a full on game of sport. I prefer sitting outside, enjoying life, enjoying nature.

Down to the point, if you'd never met me before reading this, you would never have guessed I am not even out of high school... Or maybe you would've. Maybe I tend to over exaggerate. Maybe my "weirdness" is really all in my head an I'm more normal than I want to believe (except for my love of school, especially maths).

Maybe I should just stop reading romance novels... Nope - they're way too good...

Back to writing songs...

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